Designer, Art director, and Design instructor, I dedicate my life to the study and the sharing of all resources which enrich our society with resiliency, human value and sustainability.

My early years as a surfer kid were full of absolute stoke, pure joy shared with friends in beautiful nature.

Growing and getting better at it, I started getting into competition, looking up at professionals in surf magazines and videos, trying to imitate them, riding waves for the sake of executing manoeuvres, needing better and better waves, better and better boards to get the stoke, hardly satisfied, I ended up losing the very essential, original pleasure of simply riding a wave.

At the same time I started looking for alternatives to the very not environment friendly fibre glassed surfboards.

Alaia riding was a revelation to me.
Re-connected to the waves, the magic was back, as stunning as the very first time I stood on a wave.
I rediscovered the absolute joy of gliding down the line, simply cutting straight through the face of the waves, without any need to execute manoeuvres, feeling so much part of the element, me, a simple wood craft and the ocean.

In terms of design, the Alaia, not only almost 100% environmentally correct, is on the cutting edge of hydrodynamics and it's subtle curves and volumes are a real delight to design and built.

We are living times where almost everything has peaked, innovation needs to be questioned and complexity gets mixed up with intelligence.
Our lives are lacking essential joy, truth and happiness, disconnected, we are losing our own selves, we are probably not evolving for the better anymore.

Times have come to power down, to feel, know, enjoy again and really progress as earthlings.

Xavier Moulin